Saturday, June 1, 2019

Firelei Báez: A Drexcyen Chronocommons

A heady origin story exempli es the Dominican-born, New York–based artist’s interest in weaving together history and myth in order to tease out—or complicate—dominant narratives about female identity, migration, and the Afro-Caribbean experience. The installation, an off-puttingly comforting and relaxing environment, serves as a “safe space” in which varied cultures can come together to connect. As Jared Quinton wrote in 2016, Báez’s “subject matter could be didactic in the wrong hands, but she sidesteps that risk with her focus on beauty, engagement, and emotion, seducing viewers into a contemplative space in which to confront them with painful histories.” More>>  See Also: Firelei Báez finds the personal in the historical at Orlando’s Mennello Museum